Capture. Track. Complete. -Repeat

Turn Slack messages into trackable actions and get things done without leaving Slack.

qboxx is hassle-free and Slack-only.
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Ease your Mind

when work gets done and not just happens

qboxx for Slack

Not every Slack message can and should be answered instantly. To keep up with the message flow and stay on top of everything we have build qboxx.

Instant Overview

Never loose a conversation again. Check your qboxx and keep track of what is going on.


Jump between messages and actions without losing context or leaving Slack.

Automated follow-ups

Postpone messages for a later review or set an automated follow-up date.


How it works

Start your habit to stay on Top...

Ease your Mind

Turn any important Slack messages into trackable actions with a single click.

Never loose Track

Having a place of truth in Slack - your personal qboxx for instant reviews.

Get things done

with messages and actions side-by-side there is no need to leave Slack.

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See what users say about qboxx

Carmel Roser

I just love to complete actions and see when they get done :)

Carmel Roser — Lead designer
Jesse Fravel

When I was opening Slack I used to feel lost, just reacting to new messages. With qboxx, I have a way to organize what is coming in and then focus on my work.

Jesse Fravel — Manager (IT)
Merry Capoccia

I failed with all my external todo apps before. qboxx is the perfect extension, integrating into my daily Slack conversations and work habits.

Merry Capoccia — Landing page evangelist

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